Copy of Flyer – Detroit – Tours for Public 2023

Private Custom Group Tours

We are the leader in creative Detroit itineraries. We will customize itineraries to meet you groups needs and feature unique and exclusive experienced based itineraries.

Why Detroit? Detroit has changed a lot in the past years. It is filled with an energy, a vibrancy that can be heard through all the people you meet. They are proud of their history, heritage, music and how far they have come to change Detroit to the amazing destination that it is.

Want to hear the roar of engines…we can do that! Want to move and groove to Motown…we have that too! Looking for something for a younger crowd…Lights, Camera, Action – 8 Mile Hip-Hop Style is what you need. Want to experience all that Detroit’s music scene has to offer…then join us on Detroit’s Studio City. From exclusive behind-the-scenes experiences, to Food Tours, to Movie Tours to AlcoHOLIDAY’s, we have all the special tours to make your group rave about their vacation to Detroit. We even have celebrity tour guides.

Let us plan your group trip to Detroit and you will experience all that Detroit has to offer!