We are the leaders in unique, exclusive, experience based Detroit Tours. You will experience the real "D" with Distinctively Detroit Tours.

Distinctively Detroit Tours, an exciting new venture launched by tour and travel industry veterans, opens March 13 on 313 Day. With decades of experience in the tour and travel industry, Kris Hoff from Happy Times Tours & Experiences and Tami Manton from Group Tix & Tours, have partnered to create a tour company that will introduce the hidden gems and rich history that Detroit has to offer to their tour and travel clients as well as local Detroiters that want to explore their hometown. 

Distinctively Detroit Tours aims to share the energy and vibrancy that Detroit has to offer to both the tourism and local markets. The idea began to ruminate while Hoff was looking for an experience for a client who was interested in Detroit. Hoff has created unique tours in other cities, among them, Schlemiel, Schlimazel MKE (a Laverne & Shirley inspired tour), Lights, Camera, Action (tours based on filming locations) and brought to life a Poland National Holiday – Fat Thursday tour which will be coming to Detroit in 2024.

“While looking for unique, specialized tour options and attractions, I was not able to find what I needed or wanted for my tours.” Hoff said. “I pride myself on offering distinctive, unique experiences and since they weren’t readily available, I began to knock on some doors.” Hoff, determined to discover the uncommon with every tour she offers, contacted Manton (born and raised in Southfield, MI), whom she had previously partnered with on other projects, and together they began to research the history of Detroit and made several trips together to explore the area. They agreed Detroit was an untapped market for tourism. And now, they plan to put Detroit on the tourism industry map as a top destination. “I am falling in love with Detroit in a whole new way.” said Manton, adding she never spent time as a kid in the actual city of Detroit. “Kris and I are having so much fun exploring Detroit and have already created many exciting itineraries and new partnerships in the city. We are energized by this city. We have the experience, passion and determination to make others fall in love with ‘The 313’, just like we have.” 

Distinctively Detroit Tours has already created a variety of exclusive itineraries, including Lights, Camera Action 8 Mile Hip-Hop Style, Motown Magic (a tour of sites related to Detroit’s Motown royalty), Detroit’s Studio City (which takes you behind-the-scenes of the music industry), and even a prohibition themed Alcoholiday tour. Starting in July, Distinctively Detroit is proud to announce that we are working with Phat Kat, legendary top 10 rapper who has lived in Detroit all is life, and you can join him on a tour of what he considers the Detroit Essentials. Distinctively Detroit also has WDIV, Movie Critic, Greg Russell as a Tour Guide. “Celebrity tour guides is one of the unique items we have been able to offer on our tours. The celebrities are excited to show off Detroit to everyone.”

All tours are customizable to meet the individual group needs.

“Detroiters are proud of their history, their heritage, their music, and how far they have come to make positive change,” Hoff said. “Our goal is to encourage as many people as possible to discover this truly amazing, yet underrated City.”

To learn more about Distinctively Detroit Tours, visit www.distinctivelydetroit.com or call 313-723-2273.